Finishing & Effects

Unlocking Unlimited Possibilities in Tube Innovation

Neuuv Pack stands as an unparalleled source, offering an expansive spectrum of tube structures and variations that surpass any other supplier. As your steadfast partner, we are primed to walk alongside you during the launch of your visionary products. Whether it's in the realms of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial solutions, or the food industry, Neuuv Pack is poised to bring your innovations to life.

Aesthetic Excellence Unveiled: Enriching Your Product Presentation

Elevating visual design to an art form, Neuuv Pack merges an array of sophisticated printing techniques to embellish your product and propel it into the spotlight:
  • Offset printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Labels
  • Silk screen
  • Combination printing
  • Glossy varnish
  • Matte varnish

Your product's journey transforms into a canvas of creativity, making your mark unforgettable. Welcome to Neuuv Pack, where innovation and presentation intertwine to redefine packaging aesthetics.

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