Specialty Closures

Elevating Excellence: The Art of Tube-Cap Harmony

In the realm of packaging aesthetics, true perfection lies not just in the design and print of the tubes but in the impeccable synergy between tubes and their caps.

At Neuuv Pack, we understand this harmonious union like no other. Discover a curated collection of finely matched caps that elevate the beauty and functionality of your tubes to unparalleled heights. Our spectrum includes an array of options that seamlessly align with your tubes:

  • Round screw-on caps
  • Round flip-top caps
  • Oval screw-on caps
  • Oval flip-top caps
  • Trumpet caps
  • Mushroom caps
  • Airless pumps
  • Lipgloss applicators
  • Nozzles for industrial use

Welcome to the symphony of precision and elegance, where Neuuv Pack redefines tube-caps compatibility, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your packaging experience.

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